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    Based off the remarkable true story that will motivate, inspire, and capture your heart.
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  • About the Author/Speaker

    The author, Corey Mckinney was raised and currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a husband, a father of two young men, and a foster parent. Corey is also a youth mentor, math tutor, and speaker. He is a product of Jacksonville State University, Woodlawn High School and Kingston Projects. Corey has always been passionate about helping others, particularly our youth and kids. He is the CEO of his business GoFor2 which is dedicated to motivate and inspire people to help others. Also, he speaks to encourage and empower our youth. GoFor2 Bold Brand Promise is (Go the extra mile, it's guaranteed to make your heart smile.) Corey believes that if we can create situations to make others hearts smile, then the world would can be a better place to live. This book Coach Daryl Colts is a true story in which a coach decided to go that extra mile for is football team. He was a prime example of what GoFor2 is all about. He was willing to go over and beyond the call of duty to impact the lives of his players. The lifelong lessons that were taught sill resides in the player's life currently. Many of the players utilize those same principles that were taught to them in successfully raising their kids today. Going the extra mile for others is something that can last for generations and generations to come. The hope and vision of the Author is to create a world of individuals who will start or continue a life where they GoFor2. The more we can make others heart smile, the more our hearts will smile and positively impact lives forever.

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